Pediatric Dental Crowns

When there is insufficient tooth structure to support a filling on decayed or damaged primary teeth, your pediatric dentist may recommend a crown. 

Both primary and permanent teeth play a crucial role in protecting the gums, jaw, and surrounding teeth. Maintaining the tooth will ensure that the surrounding teeth come in straight and healthy and prevent them from drifting.

Dr. Richards will recommend the best material for your child based on his or her individual needs. It is important to note that every type of crown has its advantages and disadvantages, and some are more useful in certain parts of the mouth than others. In order to ensure the oral health of your child, we will recommend what is in their best interest. 

We offer stainless steel crowns ( or silver crowns)  and zirconia( white crowns) on the front and back teeth. 

Stainless Steel Crowns

A stainless steel crown is the most commonly used type of crown in pediatric dentistry. These are often referred to as “ silver crowns”. A silver crown is very strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for molars with larger cavities. These crowns rarely irritate the gums or cause sensitivity. These will not be used on the front teeth. 

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are white crowns that we can place on the front and back teeth. These crowns provide aesthetic alternatives to silver crowns and composite resin crowns. These crowns are durable and may be recommended for your child. 

Composite Resin Crowns

Composite Resin Crowns are very aesthetically pleasing crowns that are placed on front teeth. Strip crowns are entirely composed of composite “white” filling materials. Despite their natural appearance, these crowns can stain and discolor over time and must be kept very clean. These crowns are placed on the front teeth only. 

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